What Banks Look For When Interviewing Loan Applicants

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Here’s what your bank is looking for during an interview about your loan application.


Banks look closely at the financial data you are presenting therefore, you need to prove that you are organized, capable of transferring your business ideas in writing, and able to support these with financial data.  Present factual info about your business and industry, and the plans you’ll carry out to comfortably pay off the loan.


One way bank manages risks is to seek for quality collateral for loans granted.  Find out which types of collateral are acceptable to banks and be ready to present them to your bank officer including supporting documents.


When talking to your bank about your loan application, be confident answering their inquiries about your business and the loan you are applying for.  Your inputs will help your bank officer gauge your experience as a business owner and your potential as a borrower of good standing.

Always be ready to supply information asked for by your bank.  Your confidence and experience will pay off in the end.

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